Valuation and Insurance

Mortimers provide valuations for insurance, probate, replacement and repair purposes. Our valuations are accurate and appropriate for the intended purpose and include a detailed description of each item and high resolution photographs. We supply two copies of the valuation document; a copy for yourself and a hard copy for your insurance company.

All of our valuations are carried out in store. If items require further investigation and need to be sent to our workshop, prior consent will always be acquired. Most valuations, depending on the quantity of items to be valued, can be completed within 10 working days.

The prices for valuations are as follows:

  • Probate valuation - £60 flat fee + £10 per item + VAT
  • Insurance valuation - £60 flat fee (which covers you for one or multiple items) + 1.5% of the total value + VAT

For more information call us on 01392 279994 or email