Signet Ring Engraving

If you are looking to purchase a signet ring and have it engraved with a family crest, heraldry or initials, Mortimers can help. We can happily hand or machine engrave onto signet rings for a bespoke ring, just for you.

If you would like to purchase a signet ring, shop our range available in yellow and white gold suitable for men and women here

What is the Cost?                                                                                             

The price for hand engraving initials starts from £90 inc VAT.

The price for seal engraving starts from £650 inc VAT, however, an estimate will always be provided prior to any work being carried out.

What is the Process?

If you would like to have an item engraved, please bring it into the shop with the details of the engraving and we will discuss it with you. If we think we are able to engrave the item it will be sent off to our workshop with your permission for an estimate.

Engraving Estimate

If you would like to receive an engraving estimate, please complete the form below and we will get back to you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Signet rings start from the smallest being a 10 x 8 mm, 11 x 9 mm, 13 x 10 mm and 14 x 12 mm. They all have an oval shaped head.  We are able to order square shaped heads if needed.

The most popular size for a lady is the 10 x 8 mm. The most popular for a gent is 14 x 12 mm.

We stock 9ct yellow gold and 18ct yellow gold. We are able to order 9ct white gold and 18ct white gold upon request.

We are able to do seal engraving and hand engraving.

The estimate takes 7-10 days to come through and then a further 7-10 days to do the work.

A seal engraving is usually a picture, letters, numbers or writing or a pattern. It has become very fashionable to wear a signet with a seal engraving on the head of the ring for Gents and Ladies.

To hand engrave an item requires a lot of skill and patience. The implements used 

are shaped steel cutters with sharpened edges mounted into a wooden handle. The tools that can be used for hand engraving are called scrapers, spit sticks, scorpers and gravers.     

Hand engraving creates a much deeper engraving than machine engraving and is a lot more individual. 

Engraving of initials and dates are very popular on the inside of wedding bands.

We can engrave on wedding rings and lockets.